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Our Story

I started making eggs at the young age of 13, while watching my Mom in the kitchen. Everyone would request her baked goods and her “deviled eggs”; both items were always a hit at family functions and parties.

After graduating from high school, and entering the work force, I would make the eggs and treat my co-workers and friend to “deviled eggs”, also in college and I did the same thing.

As I would make them, I began getting more and more requests for them, people would want them for parties, baby showers, engagement parties, weddings, special occasions, office parties, holiday parties and to my surprise food competitions (who has the best food at the office), or simply just because.

One day it clicked and I started selling the eggs but I didn’t want to call them “deviled eggs” I named mine, Angel Eggs and the story behind that was 1) my Mom taught me how to make them, 2) I don’t glorify the devil & 3) once you’ve had an Angel Egg , you will never look at another egg the same way.

The name Angel Eggs have been a hit since I’ve been making them but the business has been renamed Angel Eggspressions, all 3 of my why’s are still engraved from the Angel Eggs to the Angel Eggspressions name however, now a 4th reason; I also express my artistry through a little ole' egg, welcoming you to Angel Eggspressions.

We are the Original Angel Eggs.

The Angel Egg Queen

~From the desk of the CEO, Nakishia R. Freeman

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